Becoming, #femedtech

Logs burning in camp fire
Campfire by Alan Levine CC BY 2.0

So you landed at and you may be wondering what it is. Please come and sit at our camp fire and find out a little more about us.

We have shared some ideas in our About page and Our Values. You might learn more about us from viewing #femedtech on Twitter. But an important thing to know is that we are still coming into being as a network and that means we want people like you to help shape as they join us –  in whatever way they wish. If you are a feminist who is interested in education and technology, then please consider participating and helping us become a place (and people) of ideas and support and fun.

It is no coincidence that we are having our soft launch of on International Women’s Day, whose theme  this year is #BeBoldForChange.

There are lots of ideas on the IWD web site on how you can take action on gender parity.

Maybe you would like to download a Selfie card to share on social media  or share posters with your colleagues. You can share how you are being bold for change here.

And there are many ways you can participate in FemedTech: by tweeting to #femedtech, reading and commenting on posts, sending us new posts or posts for re-blogging, subscribing to our posts. If you want to help with groups writing and editing content, planning activities, please contact us.

By now you may be wondering who we are at – there is no list. You’ll see us by our words and actions and you are very welcome. Let’s make a space to support each other in being bold for change.

4 Replies to “Becoming, #femedtech”

  1. I am so pleased to see this arrive on International Women’s Day! Thanks so much to everyone who got it up and running.

  2. Like Suzanne I am thrilled to have played a very small part in this and looking forward to contributing more as the network grows. Many thanks to Frances Bell and Helen Beetham in particular for getting us to this stage.


  3. Thank you so much Suzanne, Sheila and Maha. I really appreciate your support and enthusiasm, and of course your part in making it happen. With you and our other participants we can become! Apologies for the late response but I have been preoccupied with logging the brilliant responses to Helen Beetham’s tweet out – check out #femedtech on Twitter and watch out for the future .
    We have lots of recommended posts and bloggers !

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