Our Values

As far as this is possible, in an open network, we want to create safe spaces to gather and speak. This will be an ongoing challenge. We expect that rules and norms of behaviour will emerge and be recorded here. For now we ask only that you join us respectfully and with goodwill.

Our name, FemEdTech, aligns us with a critical perspective on education/technology. We want to be alive to the specific ways that technology and education are gendered, and to how injustices and inequalities play out in these spaces (which are also industries, corporations, and institutions). We also want to celebrate and extend the opportunities offered by education in/and/with technology – to women, and to all people who might otherwise be disadvantaged or excluded.

Though our first conversations were among a group of Anglo white women, we hope that people of all countries, sexualities, races and ethnicities and genders will want to participate and enrich our network. If other networks are organising with similar values, we want to align with and work alongside them, and bring our energies to their work. We want to include and listen to people who are marginalised in different ways, and empowered in different ways in the spaces of education (formal and informal) and of technology.